Oral bleaching solution 500ml

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Shake the liquid solution 2 phase before use. 500ML.
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Shake the liquid solution 2 phase before use.

1st Action: Immediate whitening results because the component blue coverine. Oral iwhite bleaching solution contains blue coverine, which creates a thin film on the tooth surface giving them an immediately visible effect bleaching.

2nd Action: Hexametaphosphate content protects against plaque and remove. Clinical studies have shown that the active ingredient that is suitable for the removal of plaque. It also prevents the creation of keeping the smile more bright and shiny.

3rd Action: Bleaching via PAP active ingredient. The PAP is a new ingredient that whitens teeth and cleans and is completely safe for the enamel and gums. A clinical study of 30 days duration the PAP acts specifically stain the teeth so the teeth become whiter. Furthermore, the PAP reduces microbial growth in the oral cavity while minimizing the likelihood of plaque development.

The Oral iwhite bleaching solution contain other active ingredients like fluoride which strengthens teeth. Iwhite oral bleaching solution: For strong teeth and powerful offering a dazzling bright smile.



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